front lace hair system

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front lace hair system

Front Lace: Hair System for a natural hairline

Front Lace: Hair System for a natural hairline

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The Front Lace Hair System is a powerful fusion of realism & durability. It has the natural look of a lace front and the strength of monofilament. The lace front gives you a natural hairline, and the monofilament material makes sure it lasts long. This combination gives you a hair restoration solution that looks real, feels comfortable, and stays durable for a long time.

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Natural Look

About The Product

About The Product

Base Side PU, Front lace, 0.09mm
Size 7x5”, 8x6”, 9x7”
Density 100-120%
Hair quality Indian remy hair
Hair length 6 inch
Durability 5 to 6 months (If handled with care)
Ventilation Excellent ventilation 

Genuine Product

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Key Features

Hybrid system

Combining the best of both worlds, front lace and monofilament base, it delivers the most realistic appearance. 

Natural hairline

The Front Lace hair system can be trimmed to match your natural hairline, providing a seamless, authentic, and undetectable appearance. It is particularly suitable for someone experiencing a receding hairline.

Attachments (glue, tape or clip)

Offering versatile attachment options, this hair system allows for secure application using tape, solution, or clips

Which One’s Best For You?

Weather Normal Any Hot, Humid & Normal Hot, Humid & Normal Any Any
Physical Activity All Activities All Activities All Activities All Activities All Activities All Activities
Scalp Size Customisation
Base Material PU(polyurethane) PU & mesh Lace PU & Lace PU & Lace PU & Monofilament
Durability 3-4 months 6-8 months 2-3 months 5-6 months 6-8 months 8-12 months
Breathability Low Medium High High Medium Medium
Easy to Style
Natural look High Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium

Frequently asked questions


What is a Front Lace Hair System?

A Front Lace Hair System is a hairpiece featuring fine lace material at the front that can be specifically cut and customised to match your original hairline, creating a natural look when worn

How is the Front Lace attached to the scalp?

The lace front is typically attached using glue, tape or clip. This provides a secure and undetectable hold, giving the illusion that the hair is growing directly from the scalp.

How long does a Front Lace Hair System typically last?

The lifespan of a Front Lace Hair System varies depending on your lifestyle & system maintenance, but Pattrn’s Front Lace Hair system generally last from 5 to 6 months if handled with care

Can I swim or exercise while wearing a Front Lace Hair System?

Absolutely! Pattrn’s Mirage Hair System is designed to stay secure during various activities, including water based activities and exercising.

Are Front Lace Hair System comfortable to wear?

Yes, Front Lace Hair System are designed to be lightweight and breathable, providing comfort even during extended wear.

Can I sleep with a Front Lace Hair System on?

Yes, you can wear a hair system 24x7 and even sleep with it.

Can I part my hair in different ways with a Front Lace Hair System?

Yes, Front Lace Hair System allow for versatile parting options, including middle parts, side parts, and even back combing, providing flexibility in styling.