mirage hair system

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mirage hair system

Mirage Hair System: A mirage of soft & shiny looking natural hair

Mirage Hair System: A mirage of soft & shiny looking natural hair

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Meet the epitome of sophistication in Pattrn’s hair restoration - The Mirage Hair System. This game -changer seamlessly blends a breathable base with expertly crafted strands, giving you an undetectable, transformative, & natural hair look. Known for its unmatched comfort and realism, it creates a mirage of natural, luxurious hair.

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Natural Look

About The Product

About The Product

Base Side PU, Crown mesh 0.03mm
Size 7”x5”, 8”x6”, 9”x7”
Density 100-150%
Hair quality Indian remy hair
Hair length 6 inch
Durability  6 to 8 months (if handled with care)
Ventilation Excellent ventilation

Genuine Product

Quality Checked

Key Features

High quality Material

The Premium quality base ensures durability, seamlessly blending with your natural hair, while ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

Breathable base

Its breathable base promotes air circulation and prevents discomfort, allowing you to wear them for extended periods.

Soft and Shiny Hair

The soft texture and naturally shiny appearance of the hair ensure a seamlessly integrated look with your existing hair.

Attachments (glue or tape)

Mirage hair systems can be secured with glue & tape for a lasting natural look.

Which One’s Best For You?

Weather Normal Any Hot, Humid & Normal Hot, Humid & Normal Any Any
Physical Activity All Activities All Activities All Activities All Activities All Activities All Activities
Scalp Size Customisation
Base Material PU(polyurethane) PU & mesh Lace PU & Lace PU & Lace PU & Monofilament
Durability 3-4 months 6-8 months 2-3 months 5-6 months 6-8 months 8-12 months
Breathability Low Medium High High Medium Medium
Easy to Style
Natural look High Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium

Frequently asked questions


Can I style the Mirage Hair System like natural hair?

Absolutely! Mirage Hair System uses real human hair, allowing you to style it just like your natural hair.

How long does the Mirage Hair System last?

The longevity of the Mirage Hair System depends on individual factors such as lifestyle, maintenance, and care. On average, it can last 6-8 months before requiring a replacement.

Is the Mirage Hair System comfortable to wear?

Yes, Mirage Hair System prioritises comfort. The materials used are lightweight and breathable,while providing a comfortable fit throughout your daily activities.

Can I participate in sports and other physical activities while wearing the Mirage Hair System?

Absolutely! Mirage Hair System is designed to stay secure during various activities, including sports and physical exercises.

How is the Mirage Hair System different from traditional wigs?

Mirage Hair System distinguishes itself by offering a more natural appearance, comfort, and customisation. It is crafted to blend seamlessly with your existing hairline, providing a realistic and undetectable solution

Is the Mirage Hair System easy to maintain?

Yes, maintaining the Mirage Hair System is simple. Regular washing, conditioning, and styling are similar to natural hair care routines. Professional adjustments may be required periodically for optimal performance.