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Pattrn’s advanced hair growth plan is designed to help regrow healthy hair by analysing your hair loss stage, scalp type, and scalp condition. Our doctor-prescribed plan combines a treatment kit to exfoliate, stimulate, and nourish the scalp while maintaining scalp hygiene and harmony for healthy hair growth.

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Our FDA Approved Hair Growth Formula

Scalp Hygiene

DHT Blocker Shampoo


The shampoo works on balancing sebum production by blocking excessive DHT through its active ingredients such as Saw Palmetto. Also helps balance scalp PH.

Scalp Nourishment

Rotational vitamin therapy


Rotational Vitamin Therapy nourishes the scalp by providing hair follicles with the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids required for healthy hair growth.

Scalp Exfoliation

Anti-dandruff shampoo


Our anti-dandruff shampoo with salicylic acid effectively tackles scalp buildup by exfoliating dead skin cells, clearing pores, and promoting a clean and healthy scalp for hair growth.

Scalp Stimulation

Minoxidil 5% with pro-vitamin b5


Minoxidil stimulates the scalp by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicle. This prevents the shrinkage of the follicle from excessive DHT, thereby increasing hair growth.

Scalp Harmony

Gut support therapy


Probiotics promote scalp harmony by reintroducing beneficial gut bacteria that counteract harmful microorganisms, thereby restoring scalp health for healthy hair growth.

Additional plan benefits



Scalp Coach

Get coached weekly to maintain your scalp health and regrow healthy hair.



Doctor follow-ups

Follow up on your treatment’s progress with our doctors to ensure you’re on track.


App Access

Download and access our app to track & monitor your progress monthly.



Diet plan

A customised diet plan, to help improve nutritional intake for better scalp health.

Why Pattrn’s 1-months plan?

Maintains scalp hygiene

Cleans & conditions hair for healthy growth

Exfoliates scalp build-up

Removes dirt, dead skin, sweat, & oil, creating ideal scalp condition for hair growth

Stimulates scalp

Boosts scalp blood circulation, preventing hair follicle shrinkage from excess DHT, and promotes healthy hair growth

Nourishes hair follicles

Nourishes the scalp by providing hair follicles with the essential vitamins & minerals

Restores scalp harmony

Restores scalp health by introducing healthy gut bacteria

Key Ingredients


Salicylic acid

50+ Vitamins

Saw palmetto


How To Use

Before Pattrn & After Pattrn

Mahesh Gupta

I got Pattrn's treatment kit after consulting with their doctor. The kit was personalized as per my hair issues and I am seeing noticeable hair growth.

Sanjay Joshi

Using Pattrn’s treatment for 5 months and can feel the change in my hair. Definitely recommended.

Manish Kumar

I liked the consultation with Pattrn’s doctor and bought their plan. To be honest, I am seeing genuine results.

Aman Patel

Definitely recommend for hair loss problems. Great service and customer experience and good results also.

Sahil Yadav

Very happy with my hair coach and doctor. They always guide and support me and I am taking medicine regularly because of their help.


I tried multiple things but nothing worked, Pattrn's hair treatment started giving me results in a few months. Their kit really works.


Good product, good experience. Pattrn doctors helped me with hair growth. The hair coach was also very helpful.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

6 months back pattern treatmnet liya tha jab mera sar visible hone laga tha, lekin ab uss area mai baal agye hain. My friends & family are surprised by my results.


I can see new hair grow within 4 months. No dandruff, no greasy scalp... but fuller hair. Highly satisfied with the treatment plan.


Completely satisfied with Pattrn's treatment, try their scalp test, it's completely free and you'll get to know your hair loss better!


Good treatment for hair regrowth. must try!


कई उत्पादों, शैम्पू, और तेलों का उपयोग किया। यह वह एकमात्र उपचार है जो मेरी बालों के झड़ने में कामयाब रहा है।

Have Questions?

Get Answers

Have Questions?

Get Answers

How do I get started with Pattrn’s hair growth plan?


To get started, you’ll need to take the scalp test and complete an online consultation with our doctors. They will assess your hair loss stage, scalp type, and condition and suggest the best treatment plan as per your requirements.

What products are included in the treatment plan?


The plan includes a treatment kit with products that exfoliate, stimulate, nourish your scalp, and strengthen hair follicles. Products include DHT blocker shampoo, Rotational vitamin therapy, Gut support therapy, Minoxidil and Anti-dandruff shampoo. The kit varies as per individual plan.

What support is available if I have questions or concerns during the treatment?


You have access to ongoing support from your scalp coach, who can answer questions, address concerns, and provide guidance throughout your treatment. Additionally, you can reach out to our customer support team through WhatsApp.

Can I use other hair products while on Pattrn’s treatment plan?


It’s recommended to stick to the products included in your Pattrn treatment kit to ensure the best results. If you wish to use other products, consult with your scalp coach or doctor first

What happens if I miss a day of treatment?


Missing a single day occasionally shouldn’t significantly impact your results. However, consistency is key for optimal results. If you miss a day, simply resume your routine as soon as possible.