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Gut Support Therapy

Gut Support Therapy

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Pattrn’s Gut Support Therapy offers a unique solution for enhancing hair health through improved scalp harmony. By introducing beneficial gut bacteria that counteract harmful microorganisms, it maintains a healthy microbiome, thereby restoring scalp health for healthy hair growth.

Maintain gut health

Improve Nutrient absorption

Promote hair growth

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Why Pattrn’s Gut Support Therapy?

Healthy hair growth

By optimising the scalp microbiome, Pattrn’s Gut Support Therapy creates an environment that is conducive to healthy hair growth.

Improves scalp harmony

The therapy works by introducing beneficial gut bacteria that can help to rebalance the microbiome of the scalp.

How does scalp harmony
contribute to hair growth?


Boosts good bacteria in gut

Promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria positively influences the gut microbiome, creating a harmonious scalp environment for hair growth.


Feeds and maintains

Beneficial bacterias contributes to the optimal conditions necessary for hair follicle health and growth


Increases nutrient absorption

Enhanced absorption supports the follicles' nutritional needs, fostering stronger and more healthy hair growth

How to use it
Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before meals or as prescribed by Pattrn’s doctors

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Neha Vatsani

This therapy has become part of my husband’s daily routine now, and it’s the best investment I have ever made for him… His hair and scalp health has drastically improved. Thanks Pattrn and team


Good hair growth treatment…Actually started getting hair growth and can see my baby hairs. Products work well…premium packaging.


Working well.. prebiotics and probiotics combinations in this product make a significant difference.


Most systematic and unique approach by pattern to grow hair…really appreciate it.


Jab mene is therapy ke bare mai padha, I tried it aur mai surprised hu kitne acche se ye kaam karta hai.

Have Questions?

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Have Questions?

Get Answers

What is gut support therapy for hair growth?


Gut support therapy for hair growth focuses on improving gut health, supporting a good gut microbiome, and helping in the optimal absorption of nutrients from food. This in turn promotes a healthy scalp and healthier hair growth.

How is gut health connected to hair growth?


A healthy gut can enhance nutrient absorption, ensuring that the hair follicles receive essential vitamins and minerals needed for growth. Additionally, a balanced gut microbiome can reduce inflammation and improve overall health, which indirectly supports healthier hair.

Are there any side effects to gut support therapy for hair growth?


No, there are no side effects related to our gut support therapy. Sometimes, the body might take some time to adjust but on every step, our doctors and coaches are always there to guide you.

What are the signs that my gut health might be affecting my hair?


Signs that poor gut health might be impacting your hair include brittle hair, slow hair growth, hair thinning, and excessive hair loss. These symptoms can indicate nutrient deficiencies or systemic inflammation, which can be linked to poor gut health.

Can I take gut support therapy if I have IBS?


Yes, you can take gut support therapy if you have IBS. Our gut support therapy capsules include a beneficial bacterium called L. rhamnosus, which has been proven to help with IBS symptoms.